Hello, my name is Cas Pijpers and I´m in the boating industry since 1980.

I worked in the recruitment business for Ship Yards and the Offshore-Petro-Chemical industry for about 25 years. The next 10 years I had webshop in yacht parts in Holland, and worked with my service company for luxery yachst  in repair-maintenance industrie in several European countries.

My first boat was an Ecofiber speedboat with a petrol BMW engine and later I bought a Fairline cruiser. But after a few years I choose for the more serious work and bought a 18 meter coastal Tug boat (1939) with an original Demag-Modag 2-stroke air started engine.
Sold this boat in 2007 because we bought in 2006 a fantastic 24 meter ex. Royal Navy Fleet Tender, with a beautiful Lister Blackstone 4 cylinder-750 RPM turbo charged engine. We did a major 2 years refit and sailed this ship in 2012 to Barcelona, were we lived for 6 months on board.
From 2013 till 2017 we had a very successful B&B on this boat. Due our moving to Valencia we sold her in December 2017.

Since 2012 I’m living with my family in Spain and work daily with boats!
With Ship Outlet Store, my aim is offering yacht parts for the best prices possible!

“Life is boats, and sail with the wind from today!”